ARMIA offers various services for people of any background. 

These include but not limited to:

How do we help?

In order to address the opportunities, barriers and challenges to our aims and objectives, we have launched the following programs:


Health and Wellbeing with a Touch of Service

The health and wellbeing team comprise psychologists and social workers and others aiming to enhance the physical and psychological wellbeing of the community by providing counselling, referrals, group sessions and information evenings day-to-day running of ARMIA House.



Life Skills to Empower and Enhance Understanding

The Life Skills team comprise dedicated volunteers with skills in various areas. Currently the team are organising sewing, gardening and cooking sessions to build skills in these areas for all members of the community. The sessions are to help create friendship and cooperation to help with integration and combat loneliness and isolation through learning various skills together. Ladies’ morning tea is an activity that brings ladies from all backgrounds together. Plans are also in place to introduce males’ gatherings, arts and crafts and social outings.




Community Engagement to Support, Inspire and Integrate

The community engagement team are looking at local communities already in place and providing a way of bringing them together. Religious groups, Women’s associations, Youth groups and Senior groups are being contacted to find ways in which to integrate through workshops/seminars on understanding each others’ culture, beliefs and how best to support our community members. Furthermore, the ARMIA House regularly provide free sessions to provide information on a variety of topics based on real community needs. If need be we provide interpreters in these information sessions and also translate information materials wherever possible.



Business Initiatives

Under the Business Initiatives Program, ARMIA strives to combat chronic unemployment and/or under-employment through empowering community members with the skills and resources they need to become active socio-economic participants. We aim to assist single mothers and widows with housing and material aid as possible. 



Educating people for Communication and Professional Development

The Education team comprises highly qualified and experienced volunteer teachers supporting students in various disciplines including but not limited to maths and English to support students from primary to university and TAFE. As English is the main language spoken in Australia, the way to integration is to help everyone to learn basic conversational but also academic or professional English. The team put together lessons that make learning English fun and interesting and relevant to them. The conversational English classes can be integrated through learning with sewing, sports, gardening, cooking etc. Practical computer literacy classes are also provided to all ages and levels.



National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

ARMIA is an NDIS Registered Provider.

To access NDIS services please contact NDIS on 1800 800 110 to request the Access Request Form or ARMIA NDIS Team on 07 3344 1149 or email The ARMIA NDIS Team will assist you to complete the application form and accompany you through the whole process.

For more information, please read the ARMIA NDIS Brochure.