Who We Are

We are a community-based non-profit organisation of highly qualified, experienced and truly multicultural staff and volunteers who are passionate about providing time, support, encouragement and expertise to Australians of any cultural background to gain relevant knowledge and skills enabling them to integrate sustainably to the Australian society. We are a drop-in centre, a living bridge between the “Forgotten Ones” i.e. the New Australians, the Government, other service providers and stakeholders. All our staff, volunteers and community partners are highly culturally competent, speaking most global languages. We also have the TIS telephone service (Translating and Interpreting Service).

ARMIA was initially established on 26 January 2015 as an Australian private company. Its governing document or constitution is modelled on a charity structure. ARMIA is registered with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) as a charity to benefit refugees, migrants and asylum seekers by advancing health, education, social or public welfare and culture. ARMIA is registered to operate throughout Australia. It is currently endorsed to access tax concessions in the areas of GST Concession, Income Tax Exemption and FBT Rebate. It has been endorsed for PBI (Public Benevolent Institution) and DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) Item 1 status.

ARMIA was established by Protais Muhirwa, who prior to working in Australia in Carers Queensland as a CALD Program state-wide coordinator and through Red Cross with Australian migrants, successfully created and directed a highly regarded migrant integration program in South Africa that transformed thousands of lives. ARMIA currently has around sixty highly educated, experienced and truly multicultural motivated volunteers/professionals including but not limited to psychologists, counsellors, social workers, teachers, economists, nurses … many with up to 50 years of work experience including with refugees in Australia and overseas. We also have an Advisory Board. 

Who We Serve

Those New Australians, individuals (and their families) who do not integrate into Australian society, even with the 5-year Australian government assistance program, which often leads to (extreme) social isolation. After many years in Australia, these individuals at all ages still find it difficult to undertake the simplest of tasks that most Australians take for granted. Education, jobs, cultural differences, English language, mental health, aged care, physical health and social interaction all become barriers and can lead to extreme social isolation especially for elderly and single mothers, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, restricted work opportunities and welfare dependence, youth and child homelessness, youth exposure to radicalism and fundamentalism. ARMIA aims to shift fit and skilled individuals from endless welfare dependency, empowering them to recover their dignity and self-confidence, (re)join studies, the workforce and/or entrepreneurship, to finally become healthy, productive and proud Australian citizens. We are symbolically a “Tree” welcoming all birds with any needs at any time!

Our Community Development Model, Vision and Mission

The ARMIA Model: We follow a holistic community development model where we have 5 interconnected programs standing on 3 pillars, with multiple activities, carefully designed to address serious issues within the CALD, refugee, indigenous and mainstream communities.

It is our hope that with our relevant programs on Life Skills and Vocational Training, Health and Well-being, Community Engagement, Education and Business Initiatives we promote the following among Australians that we serve:

  • Promoting sustainable socio-economic participation
  • Combating loneliness and social isolation
  • Promoting interactive multiculturalism

We aim to holistically and sustainably address complex mental and physical health issues, homelessness, domestic violence, English language and communication problems, misinformation about aspects of what we consider as the Australian way of life, mistrust of agencies, poor employment opportunities, youth drug and alcohol abuse, youth crime and prostitution, exposure to radicalism and fundamentalism, endless welfare dependency and lack of government support following the conclusion of the 5-year settlement program.

 For more information, view ARMIA’s 5-Year Strategic Plan (2016-20).




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